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  • Dillon is Shining in Mathematics Despite His Autism

    Dillon is Shining in Mathematics Despite His Autism


    Dillon has Autism. Finding a mathematics platform to help him soar was crucial to his mom, Alise. Though they struggled during homeschool, math is now their favorite subject, thanks to Elephant Learning.

    1.) Challenges

    Dillon’s autism holds him back from learning math strategies and skills. Since Alise homeschools Dillion, she needed help to teach math in a practical way for Dillon that he understood.

    2.) Finding Elephant Learning

    Media that described and featured Elephant Learning’s "learn one year of math in three months" caught Alise’s eye. She immediately signed Dillon up and never looked back. ?

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    3.) Dillon’s Experience With Elephant Learning

    According to Alise, Dillon loves learning mathematics with Elephant Learning. He sees his work as a game instead of work, which motivates him to learn every day. The games and positive reinforcement he receives help unlock his potential, not just in mathematics but in every subject now.

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    4.) Dillon’s Results

    Dillon’s math skills went from basic addition to complex word problems for children his age. Now, math is his favorite subject, and it has made teaching math so much easier and enjoyable for Alise.

    • Age: 7 years
    • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 7.7 years
    • Current Elephant Learning Age: 9.3 years
    • The difference after six months: 1.6 years!

    “My Son Doesn’t See Mathematics as Work, But as a Game.” - Mom, Alise

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