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  • Learn How Connor Mastered Math at Homeschool with Elephant Learning

    Learn How Connor Mastered Math at Homeschool with Elephant Learning


    Even though Connor is an “amazing little man” only at age 12, issues with migraines and concentration made him fall behind in mathematics at school. His parents chose to homeschool him to catch him up but struggled to do so until they found Elephant Learning.

    1.) Challenges

    Connor’s inability to focus due to severe headaches forced his parents to pull him from the classroom and start homeschooling him. But even one-on-one attention was not doing the trick. Math anxiety and a pending ADHD diagnosis made learning at home even harder for the family.

    2.) Finding Elephant Learning

    Connor’s mom was inundated trying to run a household, work, and raise her other boy at the same time. She needed a platform to help Connor conquer mathematics in a way that wouldn’t trigger anxiety or migraines, as well as free up her time. After reading a review on Facebook, she decided to give Elephant Learning Math Academy a try.

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    3.) Connor’s Experience With Elephant Learning

    After a few weeks of playing 30-minutes a week, Connor’s mom had already begun to notice a difference. Connor enjoyed math time, had no issues engaging, and was learning new concepts. Though he had occasional headaches, they did not prevent him from doing his work.

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    4.) Connor’s Results

    Over time, Connor has learned coping skills to study without stress. He plays on Elephant Learning frequently and learns quickly while his parents enjoy watching him excel academically.

    • Age: 13.3
    • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 9.25
    • Current Elephant Learning Age: 10.5
    • The difference after 1.5 months: 1.25 years
    Connor's Elephant Age

    “Connor is an amazing little wise man. He’s smart and beyond his years, thanks to Elephant Learning.” - Lenan, Mom

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