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  • No More Tears at Math Time For Kyle

    No More Tears at Math Time For Kyle


    Kyle was failing math and disrupting class only to come home and cry about math homework. With Elephant Learning, he now has no problem doing math on his own, and in fact, challenges himself to do more work than recommended.

    1.) Challenges

    Mathematics to Kyle felt hopeless. He was failing at school and crying about the work at home. Full of frustration and whining, Kyle’s afterschool mathematics sessions were futile. His mom recalls, “It was always, I don’t remember how to do it!” as his go-to reason for avoiding his homework.

    2.) Finding Elephant Learning

    While Kyle’s mom was browsing social media she stumbled upon an ad for Elephant Learning and figured, why not? She was committed to giving him the extracurriculars to help his grade climb even if it meant investing in an online program.

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    3.) Kyle’s Experience With Elephant Learning

    Kyle had no problem logging into his tablet and doing his mathematics. He even started challenging himself to dedicate more time than the recommended three times a week! According to his mom, “He’s on it every day! He logs in first thing in the morning before ‘playtime’ without pushback!” Plus, she loves how she can monitor Kyle’s results which allows her to focus more on his problem areas.

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    4.) Kyle’s Results

    Kyle’s first assessment indicated what his mom already knew — Kyle was below grade level in his mathematic abilities. But within a month’s time, he advanced to his actual age plus a few years! The whole family is excited for Kyle to return to school with more confidence and mathematics knowledge!

    Kyle's Elephant Age
    • Age: 11.2 years
    • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 8.3 years
    • Current Elephant Learning Age: 10.9 years
    • The difference after six months: 2.6 years over 2 months
    “Kyle has no problem logging in to Elephant Learning. He even challenges himself to dedicate more time to math than the recommended 3x a week.” - Mom, Nicole

    Help your child gain confidence and conquer math anxiety.

    Kids learn 1 year of math in 3 months with the Elephant Learning math curriculum.

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